Ho Ho Ho! Merry Chr*!$%@

...Wait! Someone is trying to ruin Christmas! Help Santa to save the day and deliver all the presents.

Inspired by 1980's arcade games, this 8-bit infinite scroller will give you an authentic retro experience and a lot of fun this Xmas.

What will your high score be!?

Get it!

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Price: Free

A little more about this game...

Today more than ever, creative developers, designers and artists dispose of a wide range of online virtual spaces to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate on new projects. This opens the doors to new and exciting possibilities that sometimes converge into fruitful ventures.

One of these ventures came in the form of a question: is it possible to create a mobile game from the scratch having just one month and a very small budget?

Droppin' Santa is the answer!

The entire process, involving game production (i.e. from the formation of the artists team to development and testing) and its worldwide distribution in the Play and Apple Stores, took just 30 days, from November 1st to November 30th 2014.

But, you may ask, why have such a tight deadline and such a small budget??

Because it's fun!

...And to prove a point. It is indeed possible to put together a talented team and create a final product with a minimal monetary investment (in our case, $100). Needless to say, this project did not start with the goal of short-term financial gain (talented individuals should never sell their time and skills for an undervalued remuneration) but rather as a longer-term endeavor that has entrepreneurial spirit and a vested interest for all of those involved: if the product gains popularity and visibility, so do the components of the team.

The entire process behind the making of this game was presented with a talk in December 2014 in Barcelona (Spain), where hundreds of visitors were able to enjoy the famous Droppin-Santa-special-boothTM and to play with the game using a large projection screen and a retro controller, for a genuine old-fasioned experience.

  • “ Go Santa, go! This game really jingles my bells. ” - Justin (5 Stars, Play Store)
  • “ Highly addictive ...and the soundtrack is stuck in my head! ” - Vicky (5 Stars, Play Store)
  • “ Great Little Game ” - Panos (5 Stars, Play Store)
  • “ Droppin' Santa brings 8-bit gaming fun to the holidays ” - Mac Sources (Review)
  • “ Very nice simple game for the nostalgics of the 80's ” - Pascal (5 Stars, Play Store)
  • “ This is the sort of game that restores my faith in gaming. ” - 8 Bit Central (Review)